Watch Shep Smith’s Tearful Exchange With FNC’s Jennifer Griffin

I’m going to warn you in advance to get the tissues out. Earlier today on Studio B Shep Smith asked newly returned Fox News correspondent (and mother of three) Jennifer Griffin, reporting from Kabul (Gen. Petraeus likes Enya!) to talk a bit about what it was like to be back on air after surviving Stage 3 breast cancer. Griffin had been diagnosed last September and left her position at Fox to pursue treatment.

Said Shep: “Fate had it that Jen got very sick on us, and now she’s well. How have you been, we have a little time and I’d love to hear whatever you have to tell us.”

Said an increasingly emotional Griffin: “Oh Shep, thank you for asking. My Fox family, I must say I’ve been on the verge of tears all day because I’ve had so many warm wishes from everyone there, and I must thank everyone, it’s very emotional for me to be back. Now you’re going to get me all teared up!

Which is exactly what happened as Griffin explained her recovery and what it meant to be back. Said Shep (who looked a teeny teary-eyed himself): “I don’t know exactly what to say. I’ve been around Jen a long time…and I know what these tears are, these are tears of joy. I think you’ve surprised even yourself this time.”

It was a extraordinarily sweet and touching and human exchange. Watch below.

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