Watch The Incredible Helmet Cam Footage of This Scary Motorcycle Crash

In what appears to be a case of road rage, a motorcyclist from Olympia, WA miraculously escaped with only soreness after a scary accident in which he rode on top of a car trunk following a crash.

The remarkable footage above, via The Olympian, was taken on the helmet cam of the motorcyclist, Seth Dieckman. It shows the driver of a car whizzing along on the left lane of the highway, coming close to the motorcycle.

Dieckman gave the finger to the car, then sped up to try and catch him. The driver of the car, Jason Thomas, slammed on his brakes. Dieckman rammed into the left rear bumper, and then held on to the trunk as his bike went flying. And incredibly, Dieckman held on as Thomas stopped the car.

“Oh my God,” Dieckman said, clearly in pain. “Oh my God. Oh you motherfucker.”

Thomas was arrested on suspicion of DUI and driving with a suspended license.

Washington State Patrol declared Dieckman at fault, according to The Olympian, but charges have not yet been filed. Dieckman maintains his innocence.

“I think that’s B.S.,” Dieckman told the paper. “In a span of 10-15 seconds, I was almost killed three times.”

Watch the harrowing footage above, via The Olympian

[featured image via screengrab]

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