WATCH: The Only Eagles Fan Who Lost on Sunday Night Took a Subway Column to the Face

Above is a small, but potent consolation prize for Minnesotans, who saw the Vikings tossed out of the NFL playoffs by a confident Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night.

Put simply: it’s a brutal video of an Eagles fan taking an unwieldy subway column to the face as he attempts to run after a train.

While our Eagles fan is sure to awake on Monday in a world of pain, he can at least celebrate — from the comfort of his hospital bed — his team’s commanding 38-7 win over the Vikings, which sends the Eagles to face Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in next month’s Super Bowl.

Elsewhere in Philly, fans took to the streets to riot celebrate the victory, climbing to the top of street lamps, apparently undeterred by the lathering of Crisco city workers applied to the poles in vain.

Watch the brutal tackle-by-concrete-column above, via Twitter.

[image via screengrab]

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