‘We Have To Hold Him Accountable’: Chelsea Hander Talks ‘Anti-Trump’ Vibe Of Her Show

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 12.03.50 PMIn a new interview with VarietyChelsea Handler talked about — what else? — Donald Trump. She, like so many celebrities, said she would flee after his election, but stayed when her staff greeted her with hugs in the days following the election and told her that she is their “mouthpiece” and outlet. Her show, which streams on Netflix, took a decidedly anti-Trump turn and she has no regrets.

“We have more of an impact being on Netflix than I would have had on another network, because we have a huge international audience,” she explained. “It’s nice to be able to let them know that just because this man is our president, this is not a representation of everybody in our country. It’s a representation of less than half the people.”

When it comes to representation, Handler and her Chelsea staff know what they’re doing. They’ve used their platform to register 17,000 voters and Handler is leading a women’s march at the Sundance Festival on Saturday.

When asked what role the show will play during the presidency, she responded, “First and foremost, I’m a comedian. But also, we have to hold him accountable. And we have to make fun of him, just like you’d make fun of anybody who was president. Obama was boring in that sense — there was nothing to make fun of because he was so responsible and such a leader.”

She addressed the moment she cried during a post-election broadcast, saying, “The last thing you ever want to do is break down. It’s just so unprofessional. But my whole life is being unprofessional.”

Ultimately, she said she wants to stay funny but be serious when the moment calls for it. In her view, the media aided Trump by giving him free publicity when they should have been demanding accountability.

To find out more, like her thoughts on how Ivanka Trump will fail as an advocate for women but Megyn Kelly didn’t, go here.

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