Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler on Juanita Broaddrick: ‘Every Victim Deserves To Be Heard’

Clinton Accuser Juanita Broaddrick Hits Chelsea Handler Over Roy Moore Slam: ‘You Don’t Want to Go There’

Mike Pence Defends Power Of Prayer Against Democrats’ Attack

Chelsea Handler Appears to be Calling For a Military Coup Against Trump

Twitter In Revolt After Chelsea Handler Calls For ‘Laws’ Against Racism

Chelsea Handler Calls For Laws Against ‘People Who Think Racism is Funny’

Tomi Lahren Gets Booed for Slamming Obamacare While Admitting She Benefits From It

It’s ‘Just Criminal’: Jerrod Carmichael Upset Over NBC Pulling Mass Shooting Episode of His Show

Don Lemon Says Conway Deserved Anderson Cooper’s Eye Roll: ‘It Was What Everybody Was Thinking’

‘Tell That F*cking A**hole!’ Chelsea Handler Rips ‘Puppet’ Ivanka Trump for Lacking Influence With Her Dad

In One Tweet, Chelsea Handler Offered The Most Brutal Roger Ailes Burn Yet

‘A Very Good Drug Addict’: Watch Chelsea Handler Struggle to Say Nice Things About Charlie Sheen, Others

Chelsea Handler Won’t Have Melania Trump on Her Show Because ‘She Can Barely Speak English’

‘We Have To Hold Him Accountable’: Chelsea Hander Talks ‘Anti-Trump’ Vibe Of Her Show

Chelsea Handler is Leading a Women’s March at Sundance

Donald Trump’s Win Prompted Sally Field to Join Twitter

Chelsea Handler Breaks Down Over Hillary Clinton’s Loss

‘Don’t Cry!’: Shannen Doherty Brings Chelsea Handler to Tears in Interview About Her Cancer

Handler Has Fallen in Love With Ken Bone and Wants to Raise His ‘Little Boner’ Children

Ann Coulter Called in Sick to Chelsea Handler’s Show, so Chelsea Brought in Her ‘Body Double’ Instead

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