Where Does Mitt Romney’s 73 Second TKO Of Rick Perry Rank Among Mike Tyson’s Quickest Fights?

The most exciting point of Tuesday’s debate was watching Mitt Romney and Rick Perry tussle, speaking over each other when the topic of Romney’s illegal immigrant lawncare technicians came up. It included all the elements of a good brawl — a wildly-thrown suckerpunch, a Vincent Price mocking laugh from Romney, aggressive shoulder touching, one of the fighters calling out for the referee (Romney’s cry of “Anderson?”), and plenty of boos.

In its entirety, the exchange lasted 73 seconds, from the time Perry brought up Romney’s hiring of illegals to the moment Romney knocked Perry out with his, “this has been a tough couple debates for Rick,” line. The finish by Romney was quick, brutal, and somewhat unexpected, conjuring up memories of an in-his-prime Mike Tyson, who had 23 of his 50 first-round victories decided in the first three minutes. So this raised the question: did Iron Mike finish anyone off as quickly as Romney dusted off Perry? We went through Tyson’s fights from his first-round knockout of Michael Spinks in 1988 forward (most of his early professional fights were finished in the first 90 seconds), and placed Romney-Perry in its rightful place.

6/24/2000: Lou Savarese, 38 seconds
2/23/2003: Clifford Etienne, 49 seconds
10/19/2011: Romney v. Cain, 73 seconds
8/19/1995: Peter McNeeley, 89 seconds
6/27/1988: Michael Spinks, 91 seconds
7/21/1989: Carl Williams, 93 seconds
9/7/1996: Bruce Seldon, 109 seconds

Enjoy the video of the Romney/Perry sparring, courtesy of CNN, below:

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