White House Puts Out Cyberbullying Guidelines for FLOTUS Initiative, and Twitter Can’t Help But See the Irony


First Lady Melania Trump wants to take on cyberbullying to help out children who get bullied or harassed online. It’s an admirable goal, but every time it comes up in the news, there’s always the elephant-in-the-room nature of President Trump‘s own tweets about his political rivals.

And now the White House has put out specific guidelines on how to deal with cyberbullying––one pillar of the First Lady’s “Be Best” initiative––that might only highlight that very discrepancy.

For example:

Talk to your kids about bullying. Tell your kids that they can’t hide behind the words they type and the images they post or send. Bullying is a lose-lose situation: Hurtful messages make the target feel bad, and they make the sender look bad.

Recognize the signs of a cyberbully. Cyberbullying often involves mean-spirited comments. Check out your kid’s social networking pages from time to time to see what you find… Look for signs of bullying behavior, such as creating mean images of another kid.”

It’s very good advice for parents, but that darn elephant…

UPDATE –– 5:33 pm ET: So it turns out that this guide is actually mostly comprised of the FTC guidelines laid out in this document under the Obama administration.

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