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Kanye West Quits Twitter After Backlash Over Pro-Trump Rant

Jeff Sessions to Meet With State AGs to Discuss Whether Social Media Companies Are ‘Stifling’ Ideas

Melania’s Anti-Bullying Speech Raises Eyebrows: Children Better at Social Media Than Some Adults

Twitter Suspends Proud Boys Accounts Ahead of Unite the Right Rally

Social Media Pamphlet from Melania Trump Initiative Looks Very Similar to Obama-Era FTC Document

White House Puts Out Cyberbullying Guidelines for FLOTUS Initiative, and Twitter Can’t Help But See the Irony

You Idiots And Your Tide Pod Jokes Are Ruining The Life of Tide’s Social Media Person

Obama to Prince Harry: Concerning How People Get ‘Entirely Different Realities’ Online

ESPN Issues New Employee Social Media Rules After Network’s Barstool Sports Fiasco

Trump Touts How He and Indian Prime Minister Are ‘World Leaders in Social Media’ in Joint Presser

College Professor Fired For Posting Online That Otto Warmbier ‘Got What He Deserved’

Kanye West’s Twitter and Instagram Accounts Are Gone

WATCH: Bill Belichick Rants About ‘ChatRun,’ ‘InstantFace,’ and Evils of Social Media

Facebook Has a Revenge Porn Database to Prevent Reposting of Images

Following Nude Photo-Sharing Scandal, Marines Expected to Release Social Media Guidelines

Diddy Has Created a Social Media Campaign to Honor Notorious B.I.G.

People Can’t Get Enough of This Statue of a Girl Staring Down Wall Street’s Charging Bull

A Restaurant that Fired Employees Who Participated in ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ is Being Hammered on Yelp and Facebook

Kim Kardashian is Back on Social Media With Adorable Family Photos and Videos

After Rockettes Are Reportedly Forced to Perform at Inauguration, ArmChair Pundits Blast Union

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