‘Why Hasn’t Any Investigation Taken Place?’ CBS Host Defends Pizzagate Conspiracy


In a news segment that ran on Atlanta’s CBS 46 last night, host Ben Swann recounted the Pizzagate conspiracy theory that led one man to charge into a pizzeria with an assault rifle last year, and defended it as not being ‘fake news’ but something that needs to be investigated more fully.

During his occasional ‘Reality Check’ segment, Swann began by bringing up the thousands of hacked John Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks, noting that there were never any mentions of pedophilia. However, he also mentions how pizza is a code word for pedophiles.

After highlighting Podesta’s friendship with the owner, James Alefantis, of the pizza shop — Comet Ping Pong Pizza — and questioning why Alefantis was once named by GQ as one of Washington D.C.’s 50 most powerful people, Swann then brought up the logo of a nearby pizzeria, Besta Pizza.

He brings up the fact that Besta’s previous logo looked an awful lot like a symbol the FBI warned about in 2007 that is supposed to denote “boy lover.” He doesn’t really explain what the connection is between the two different pizza places, instead moving on to report that Comet has hosted a couple of bands, one who has joked about pedophilia and another one who did a video with that contained a similar-looking symbol to the one Swann brought up earlier.

Elsewhere in the report, Swann brought up Alefantis’ past relationships, his Instagram account, John Podesta stating in his emails he was close with Dennis Hastert, and Podesta’s brother’s artwork in his home as other issues that raise real questions. The whole time, Swann continues to note that there is no proof of a child-sex ring at the pizza parlor.

Yet, at the end of the segment, Swann then lets his viewers know that FBI or local police haven’t looked into the story and asks, “Why hasn’t any investigation taken place?”

For reference, Swann has questioned both the Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings in the past, claiming that neither could have been pulled off by a single gunman. He also suggested that the Boston Marathon bombing may have been a false flag.

Swann’s segment can be watched above, via CBS 46.

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