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Why Trump Will Defy Expectations Once More And Be One of The Greatest Presidents

trump-13I must admit I’m stunned. Not about the fact that Donald Trump will be our next President, a forecast I was universally ridiculed for when I made that very “crazy” prediction last summer. Nope, I’m shocked at how nearly everyone in the media (and for that matter, thousands of protesters across the country) continue to underestimate, misinterpret and unjustifiably vilify our next President.

Given the backlash I felt for being a loud and proud Trump supporter in the past, I was hesitant to jump back in these waters again. But heck, why not, for one final time let’s dive in and get my objective assessment of Trump’s potential success on the record as soon as possible: Trump will make the office of the President great again! You heard it here first.

Let me assure you that my vision of the forthcoming triumphant Trump presidency is not viewed through rosy orange-tinted glasses from deep in the heart of Trump country. In fact, as a New Yorker now living in Los Angeles, I am surrounded both in my social media circles and in my daily real world encounters with literally only Trump haters. I was hopeful that after the election was finally over, the losing side would graciously admit defeat and be supportive of the victor. I was fully prepared to stop complaining about Hillary Clinton’s endless lies and corruption, since if she became President it would have meant she won the election fairly and that the issue wasn’t important to a majority of the country. She would have been the country’s President, she would have been my President, and the fight would have been over.

That is why I’m genuinely shocked that after Trump’s victory, instead of allegations of him being a racist/homophobic/sexist/bad word du jour disappearing, they seem to have actually ramped up. In the aftermath of this election, I’ve even humorously (I think?) been compared to a Westworld robot several times, in the sense that just like how the robots on the popular HBO show are programmed not to hear or comprehend any phrases referencing they aren’t really human, friends of mine wonder if I’ve been programmed to block out, what they describe as Trump’s “obvious and undeniable racism.”

Well, categorically ruling out the possibility that I’m a robot is as futile as trying to change the opinion of many that some of Trump’s statements are unforgivable and in their mind, prove his bigotry. However, what I can propose is my belief that Trump’s actions as commander-in-chief (as opposed to his often haphazard and trivial campaign rhetoric) will protect and serve all Americans, regardless their background, sex or sexual orientation – a result which should silence his critics, atone for perceived sins, and undeniably be great for America!

Easily exceeding the insanely low expectations half the country expects from the racist caricature they dreamed up of him (or more precisely, a caricature that has been largely media-generated) is just one reason why Trump will eventually be perceived to be a great President. But here are several more reasons to prove it. Most significantly, Trump is beholden to no special interest group, to no big donors, and honestly not even to the Republican party or any ideology whatsoever. This gives Trump the freedom to simply serve the American people, to compromise on deals with all players in Washington and to end the partisan divide that has recently been a roadblock to any progress.

Furthermore, when the wall along the Mexican border is built, it will be viewed as a rare moment when a leader delivered exactly what he promised. Will Mexico pay for it? Unclear and ultimately irrelevant, since as long as Trump’s negotiations are visible (and when does Trump desire doing anything that doesn’t generate attention for himself), then his supporters will be satisfied with the mere attempt. Ultimately, Trump’s private sector background of constantly needing measurable results combined with his personality of always needing to brag about some type of success, is further proof that Trump will never stop publicizing any achievements no matter how big or small, from renegotiated trade deals, replacing Obamacare, to boasting about his ever-increasing Twitter following.

If in four years Trump is the only one saying he did a great job as President, then I wouldn’t hesitate to return right back here, admit my mistake and get behind a certain Missus who likes “to go high” to run a campaign against him. But betting against Trump is what nearly everyone did every step of the way during this campaign season, and I wouldn’t recommend doing it again! Stay tuned!

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Matt Schneider is a lawyer/comedian. You can follow him on Twitter @SchneiderFactor or check out his self-proclaimed “hilarious” videos and man-on-the-street interviews at

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This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

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