Wikileaks Threatens To Sue Mastercard, Visa, Others For Freezing Accounts

Well, this explains that parody commercial. Subversive online group Wikileaks is threatening to sue Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal, among others, for preventing the group from collecting donations. This week, the group announced that they are waiting another five days to sue the companies for blocking their money flows.

According to Forbes, Wikileaks’ lawyer, Sveinn Andri Sveinsson, the lawsuit will happen on Thursday in Europe should the companies not open up their accounts again. Calling it an “abuse,” Sveinnson said there was no “objective justification” for their actions, though the companies said that they froze the accounts due to a potential violation of terms of service, which do not allow for illegal activity. The attorney sent a complaint this week to the companies, which Forbes explains:

The complaint argues that the three payment firms have violated Articles 101 and 102 of the E.U. Treaty, which deal with competition among businesses and forbid the creation of anti-competitive cartels. Article 101 prevents firms from creating partnerships for the purposes of price fixing, and Article 102 forbids firms in a “dominant position” from abusing that position.

The companies did not respond to Forbes’ request for comment, but one imagines the story will become a headlining one if, as expected, the companies do not heed the complaint. The magazine published the complaint here.

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