Will Ferrell, Kristen Bell, And Many More Read Meanest Tweets Sent To Them On Jimmy Kimmel

Wow, did you guys know that Twitter is six years old? Crazy, right? You’d think that’d be old enough to learn how to spell right and speak in full sentences. Oh, well. Anyway, to herald the auspicious occasion, Jimmy Kimmel decided to celebrate one of Twitter’s best features; folks being total assbags to strangers! He did so by gathering a bunch of celebrities and having them read the meanest tweets people have sent them. Ah, birthday parties.

Some of the celebrities were defiant like Joel McHale who critiqued his critic’s lazy abbreviaitons. Some of the celebrities were hurt like Kristen Bell who was saddened by a user’s declaration that she was too ugly to play Snow White (despite the fact that they were actually thinking about Kristen Stewart). And some of the celebrities were sitting on a toilet like Will Ferrell who was sitting on a toilet.

It’s amazing what a magical world of social breakthroughs Twitter has given us. Happy birthday!

Watch the clip from ABC below:

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