Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz Tells Michael Arrington To F**k Off (VIDEO)

Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz is known for telling it like it is. For those wondering, that means she drops the F bomb a lot. Good for her. If only more CEOs used gutter talk instead of PR talk, the world would probably be a much better place. It’s no surprise then that a discussion between Bartz and TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington in New York today ended up getting a little blue.

Arrington started things off on the right foot, beginning the discussion by asking Bartz “how the fuck” she was. However, Bartz got the best line (and the biggest audience response) later when Arrington began questioning some of her business choices.

“MA: Is your pitch kind of BS though?

CB: Steve Jobs came back to Apple in 1997 — the iPod came out 4 years later. 3 years after that is the first time his market cap grew. It took 7 years. I’ve been here a few months. Give me a break. You are involved in a very tiny company.

MA: Very tiny.

CB: It probably takes you a long time just to convince yourself what to do. So fuck off!”

We’ve got a video of that exchange below but make sure to check out the full conversation at TechCrunch. It’s got a lot of good insights into the tech world to go along with all the sailor talk.

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