Zuckerberg Opts to Keep Peter Thiel on Facebook Board Despite Tech Mogul’s Assault on Free Press

ThielFacebookMark Zuckerberg has opted to keep Peter Thiel on the board of Facebook despite recent revelations that the tech mogul had been using his fortune to underwrite an effort to sue Gawker Media into bankruptcy because he took issue with their coverage.

The move might strike many as a curious one, given Zuckerberg’s long stated belief in the paramount importance of free expression and the fact that Thiel has expressed how “proud” he is to be helping sue Gawker over unfavorable coverage.

CNN Money’s Hope King writes:

Many in the press are concerned that keeping a figure like Thiel on Facebook’s board portends a shaky future for journalism.

[…] “Freedom of the press does not mean freedom to publish sex tapes without consent,” said Thiel. “I don’t think anybody but Gawker would argue otherwise… They routinely relied on an assumption that victims would be too intimidated or disgusted to even attempt redress for clear wrongs.”

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