6 Arrested After Alleged Drone Assassination Attempt on Venezuelan President

A drone attack that prompted Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro‘s speech to be cut short on Saturday has resulted in the arrest of six people on charges of attempting to assassinate Maduro.

According to BBC:

Nestor Reverol said they were part of a group that loaded two drones with explosives and set them off during a military parade in the capital Caracas.

Mr. Maduro has warned the perpetrators face “maximum punishment”.

He has blamed Colombia for the incident but provided no evidence.

Colombia said the accusation was “baseless”.

The government has also pointed the finger at the opposition, prompting fears of a new crackdown.

After the attack, Maduro said he was unharmed. “To all of our friends in the world, I am fine, I am alive,” he said, according to the New York Times. “The Bolivarian revolution keeps its path.”

The NYT also noted that Maduro has “presided over a spectacular economic collapse in Venezuela, where inflation is expected to reach one million percent this year despite the country’s large oil reserves.”

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