AOC Hits Axios CEO for Calling Her ‘Donald Trump of the Democratic Party’: ‘One of the Laziest Takes of 2018’

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hit back at Axios CEO Jim VandeHei, taking issue with VandeHei calling her “the Donald Trump of the Democratic Party.”

The first-term New York congresswoman said VandeHei is a “full year late” to the comparison.

“Begs the question: what else is he behind on and wrong about,” Ocasio-Cortez mused.

VandeHei makes the comparison around the 18-minute mark of the episode that aired Sunday evening. The comments were made as part of a segment about socialism in America.

“People either love her or they hate her, almost nobody shrugs their shoulders and feels ambivalent about her,” VandeHei said.

He was speaking with Axios Executive Editor Mike Allen in the segment, who responded that his sources tell him “Democrats fear she will challenge one of the two New York senators.”

AOC’s communications director told Axios she has no interest in “moving to a different role any time soon.”

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