Joaquin Castro Condemned For Tweet Targeting Trump Donors: ‘Disgusting,’ ‘Inciting Violence,’ ‘Holy Sh*t’


A tweet from Rep. Joaquin Castro absolutely exploded on Twitter, Tuesday, when he shared the names of private donors to President Trump who are residents of Austin, Texas, where Castro’s district is located.

His tweet was immediately taken by many on the right or Republican side of Twitter as an attack and incitement, and that reaction included the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), which tweeted that Castro’s message was “disgusting” and “inciting violence against private citizens.”

Rep. Castro’s twin brother of course is current 2020 Democratic candidate Julián Castro, which surely played a part both in Rep. Castro’s tweet and in some of the responses.

But by no means was the NRCC alone, as reaction lit across social media like wildfire. This is only a sample.

And it wasn’t even limited to conservatives or Republicans.

In all, it doesn’t seem to have gone over too well.

UPDATE — 6:40 pm ET: Castro is standing by the tweet, tweeting the graphic “doesn’t have private or personal info — no addresses or phone #, etc. It’s publicly reported info printed in newspapers routinely from the @nyt to the @dcexaminer.”

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