Kari Lake Clashes With Piers Morgan Over Gun Control: ‘I’m a Much Better Mother That I Have Firearms’


Failed Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, Kari Lake, went head-to-head with Piers Morgan over gun control in America.

The exchange took place on the Monday edition of Piers Morgan Uncensored where recent mass shootings in the United States took center place in the conversation. Morgan pressed Lake on the idea of introducing more gun regulations in America.

“There are millions, tens of millions of gun owners in America who wouldn’t dream of doing a mass shooting. They’re legal. They own their guns legally. And we have a Second Amendment. It’s a God-given right. It’s in our Constitution,” Lake said.

“Would the Founding Fathers, have been comfortable watching this absolutely never-ending series of mass shootings? Would they have thought that was what they meant by the Second Amendment? Or would they have looked to perhaps, to tailor it, to modern times,” Morgan said.

Lake pivoted the question, saying that the Founding Fathers would have been against the tyranny that’s happening in the United States.

“The Second Amendment was put in place — We already pushed back the tyrants once and we didn’t give up. We clung to our guns,” Lake said.

“Who’s the tyranny from?” Morgan asked.

“The tyranny was from the monarchy,” Lake said. Ironically the interview was taped in London while she was in town for the coronation of King Charles III.

“Now we’re seeing an overreaching government. We’re seeing a lying media. Lying to us, taking our livelihoods away with covid restrictions and imposing all of that on our children and on our families, and on our education. And we don’t want to have to throw back the tyrants again. But they put that in place to prevent us from having to do that — to protect us,” Lake explained.

Lake noted that the streets of America are growing more dangerous by the day.

“You haven’t been on the streets of America lately. The crime is out of control,” Lake said.

“I have, I’ve seen it,” Morgan said.

“It’s not safe to walk down these Democrat-controlled cities. The murder — you can be raped and murdered on the subway… I’m a much better mother that I have firearms and can protect my family and I will protect my family. You call 911 right now you can’t get someone to show up at your house, Pierce. And there’s crime and violence happening on our streets, and we need to protect our own families,” Lake said.

Watch above via Piers Morgan Uncensored.

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