Matt Gaetz Reportedly Showed Off Naked Photos of Women He Slept With to Members of Congress


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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) allegedly showed fellow lawmakers on the House floor photos and videos of naked women he said he had sex with, according to a new report from CNN.

The flamboyantly pro-Trump congressman found himself at the center of controversy this week after it was reported that he was under a Justice Department investigation over an alleged relationship with a 17-year-old girl. Gaetz denied having any relationship with a minor, and said he is the subject of an extortion plot from a former DOJ official. It remains unclear what link there is between the DOJ investigation — which reportedly started under Attorney General William Barr, and is ongoing — and the alleged extortion scheme, which Gaetz said is being carried out by a former official.

The new report from CNN is not related to the DOJ investigation. It seems Gaetz’s colleagues in the House are using the opportunity of the scandal to leak details about his alleged behavior as a congressman.

Two anonymous members of Congress, who were allegedly shown the nude photos, spoke to CNN:

Gaetz allegedly showed off to other lawmakers photos and videos of nude women he said he had slept with, the sources told CNN, including while on the House floor. The sources, including two people directly shown the material, said Gaetz displayed the images of women on his phone and talked about having sex with them. One of the videos showed a naked woman with a hula hoop, according to one source.

“It was a point of pride,” one of the sources said of Gaetz.

CNN is also reporting on Thursday, that in addition to the potential relationship with a young girl, Gaetz is also said to be under investigation for “whether his involvement with other young women broke federal sex trafficking and prostitution laws.”

Investigators are also looking at “allegations from witnesses and other evidence that Gaetz may have used cash and drugs in his dealings with young women,” sources told CNN.

On Tuesday, the 38-year-old Florida congressman confirmed reports that he was the subject of a Justice Department investigation into his sexual relationships with women. He has repeatedly denied any allegation of sex with a minor, telling Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the 17-year-old girl mentioned in reports “doesn’t exist.”

Watch a CNN report on the latest bizarre twist in the Gaetz saga above.

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