Matt Schlapp Hired Priest to Perform Exorcism at CPAC HQ Following Staff Resignations


Lev Radin/Sipa USA via AP Images

American Conservative Union and CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp reportedly hired a Catholic priest to perform an exorcism at CPAC’s offices following the resignation of multiple staffers who were unhappy about their pay.

According to Daily Beast senior political reporter Roger Sollenberger, who spoke to “multiple people with knowledge of the exorcisms,” the priest “sprinkled holy water around the CPAC premises and blessed all the staff, regardless of their faith” during the exorcism last year.

The priest also “placed a medallion above doors in the offices” to “ward off evil spirits,” according to the Daily Beast, which reported that the medallions are still present in CPAC’s offices a year later.

Schlapp reportedly organized the exorcism — which was described by one unnamed person as “the weirdest thing I’d seen” — after a group of staffers resigned over a pay dispute.

Schlapp and his wife Mercedes Schlapp protested the Daily Beast’s decision to report on the exorcism and accused the news outlet of being in league with Satan this week.

“The Daily Beast is Satan’s publication to persecute Christians and their families,” wrote Mrs. Schlapp on Twitter. “Americans are dying of fentanyl, children are being sex trafficked, and violent crimes are happening in our cities while Satan’s publication is writing about exorcisms. Daily Beast is a joke.”

In another statement, Matt Schlapp’s publicist claimed CPAC was “being terrorized by a demon self-described as The Daily Beast.”

Unfortunately for Schlapp, the exorcism did not appear to change his luck, as just months later in January 2023 he was accused of fondling a man without consent.

The man, a Republican staffer who is currently suing Schlapp, alleged that the CPAC chairman “grabbed” his groin during the incident “and pummeled it at length.”

It was reported this week that the man has rejected a six-figure settlement offer.

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