If Liberals Really Want to Persuade Conservatives ‘Global Warming’ is Real, They Need to Read This

Clinton Uses Speech To Hit Back at Trump, and Mentions Her Religion

Chelsea Clinton: ‘My Mother is Very Deeply a Person of Faith’

Democrats Reportedly Drop All References To ‘God’ In 2012 Party Platform

New Poll Shows Conservative Republicans Increasingly Believe Obama Is Muslim

Melissa Harris-Perry Explores Misconceptions About Mormon Religion With Mormon Panelists

Romney Commencement Address At Liberty University: Marriage Is ‘Between One Man And One Woman’

Franklin Graham Apologizes For Questioning President Obama’s Faith

David Gregory Defends Media Focus On Santorum’s Social Views: ‘You’ve Made This A Centerpiece Of Your Public Life’

Santorum Explains Why JFK’s Speech On Religion & Politics Makes Him Want To ‘Throw Up’

Rick Santorum Goes After Obama On Faith: His Agenda Is Based On ‘Phony Theology’

Maher’s New Rule: Atheism And Religion Are ‘Not Two Sides Of The Same Coin’

Have A Little Faith: How The Internet Is Remembering Christopher Hitchens

Rick Perry’s Wife: My Husband Is ‘Being Brutalized’ By Opponents ‘Because Of His Faith’

Rick Perry: I’m Not Going To Tell Pastor Robert Jeffress What He Can Or Can’t Say

Don’t Stop Believing: Army’s “Spiritual Fitness Test” Upsets Some Soldiers, Courts Lawsuit

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