NBC’s Hallie Jackson to Sarah Sanders: ‘Why Should This President Have Any Credibility to Americans?’

During a contentious press briefing on Wednesday, NBC’s Hallie Jackson pushed back on President Donald Trump‘s repeated reversals over Russia.

“This is the second time in three times that the president or White House has come out and reversed what the president has said,” Jackson probed, referring to Trump saying during this morning’s cabinet meeting that “no” Russia is not targeting the United States.

Sanders then claimed it was not a reversal, she was just interpreting what POTUS said.

Jackson then followed up: “But why should this president have any credibility to Americans in what he says if in fact 24 hours later or in this case three hours later the White House comes out and says ‘just kidding?'”

Sanders tried again.

“I was interpreting what the president’s intention was and stating the administration’s policy,” Sanders tried to explain. “It is not exactly what you just explained. We never said “Just kidding.” And I think that you can take the fact that the president has credibility because he saw he had misspoken and he wanted to clarify that yesterday, which he did.”

Sanders then tried, unsuccessfully, to move on — as she tried to recognize The Hill’s Jordan Fabian for a question. But in a rare display of briefing room camaraderie, Fabian yielded to Jackson.

Watch above, via CNN.

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