Matt Lauer Reportedly Pressured ‘Well Respected’ NBC On-Air Talent Into an Affair: ‘I Was Like Meat on a Hook’


A new report states that Matt Lauer pressured one of his NBC broadcasting colleagues into having an affair with him before he was fired amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

Page Six reports that the unnamed broadcaster claimed that Lauer and another NBC executive “propositioned her and made lewd comments about her during broadcasts.” The report also says that she tried to turn the men down, which led to retaliation that damaged her career

“Matt had influence over everyone’s career — one word and your career would be sunk,” said a source who corroborated the woman’s story. “I know there was a clear imbalance of power in this woman’s relationship with Matt.”

The report comes as Ronan Farrow continues to make waves with Catch and Kill, his new book full of revelations about Lauer’s misconduct and NBC’s efforts to kill his Harvey Weinstein reporting. While Page Six says they aren’t sure if its the same woman, they point to a portion of Farrow’s book where he spoke to a lady who worked for NBC before signing a nondisclosure agreement and leaving the network in 2012. Page Six implies that the woman’s account matches their reporting.

“I was like meat on a hook,” the woman said to Farrow. “I would walk into work with a knot in my stomach. I would come home and cry.”

The book goes on to say that after the woman turned down Lauer and the NBC executive, she was punished with a drop in the amount of assignments sent her way. The woman said she didn’t report her complaints to HR, but informed colleagues.

“My career took a sharp nosedive,” she said.

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