Misconduct Allegations Against Rep. Keith Ellison Reportedly Include ‘Narcissist Abuse’ and ‘Soul Rape’

The New York Times on Thursday published a comprehensive detailing of the allegations being made against Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) by ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan, a long and sad story with little resolution.

The accusation of misconduct by Ellison first surfaced in a Facebook post by Monahan’s adult son, who claimed he saw a video of an alleged physical abuse incident from when his mother and Rep. Ellison were still together. The Facebook post and a subsequent newspaper article making it public were written three days before the Democratic primary, which Ellison went on to win.

Thursday’s Times article details what exactly was described by Monahan regarding the incident she claims to have on video, which video she and her son have refused to produce.

It was after [a] fight [one evening] that Ms. Monahan alleges that she was lying down on a bed and listening to a podcast episode when Mr. Ellison asked her to take out the trash. When she did not respond verbally, he grew angry, she said.

In a profanity-laced tirade, she said he asked her to leave and called her a bad guest.

“He kept trying to pull me and pull me and pull me off” the bed, she said. “And I just laid dead. Because I was scared.”

“Narcissist abuse is very difficult to understand,” Ms. Monahan said.

Mr. Ellison left to catch a flight, she said, but warned her to be gone when he returned.

Monahan has stated that she will not produce the tape, telling Minnesota Public Radio in an interview that “”It sets the expectation for survivors of all kinds of forms of abuse, whether it be abuse toward women, abuse from police officers, abuse from other people in power, to have to be the ones, like I’m doing right now, to show and prove their stories.”

The New York Times adds that she also told CNN she misplaced the tape, and then told police her computer had been hacked.

The Times details some of the other allegations Monahan has made regarding her relationship with Ellison, including “narcissistic abuse” and “soul rape.”

Ms. Monahan said that after the alleged incident, she borrowed money to pay the deposit on her own place, but did not consider the relationship to be over until January 2017, when she discovered text messages on Mr. Ellison’s phone to two other women.

She sent him screenshots of the messages, and accused him of “soul-rape,” according to text messages she posted later on social media. She told him she might write a memoir about their relationship. He warned her not to violate his privacy.

It is a sordid, complicated story, as any attempt to catalog and sort the thousands of threads of a relationship between two people must necessarily be.

There is much more to read in the article here. It’s a story of context, one that does seem to at least in part have come from Ellison or at least that he was cooperative with the journalists requesting information, but that won’t offer the reader a satisfactory conclusion or closure. As is also true of most human personal relationships. Especially those that end.

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