Alice Waters

The 13 Most Infamous Chef Feuds

If Jamie Oliver and Alice Waters Had a Dinner Party Together …

Food & Wine to Publish All-Female Issue This January, a Huge Coup for Women Everywhere

Alice Waters Predicts the Future of Food for WSJ’s 125-Year Anniversary

Last Call: We Want Christina Tosi to Be Our Shopping Buddy, Pretty Please

5 Wisdoms from Alice Waters, Proving Her Undeniable Reign Over the World

Last Call: Anthony Bourdain Fake Feuds with a Mayor Who Doesn’t Smoke Crack, Still Makes Headlines

Last Call: Lady Chef Edition, Alice Waters Wins Humanitarian Award

Alice Waters Fights Against Fracking, Continues to Rule the World

Last Call: This Is A Deer With A Bag Of Chips Stuck On Its Head

Chez Panisse Set To Reopen On The Summer Solstice, Mark Your Calendar?

Chez Panisse Closed Indefinitely Due To Fire Damage

Last Call: Wasabi Vodka Exists, Countdown To Its Use In A Guy Fieri Sauce Starts Now

New Yorker Pummels Bourdain For Leaving ‘Crude Hickey On Food Culture’

Last Call: Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, Richard Rosendale, And Jerome Bocuse Will Throw You A Dinner Party For $250,000

Alice Waters Hosting A $20,000 Per Plate Obama Fundraiser Dinner

Last Call: Thomas Jefferson Was A Locavore Before It Was Cool

Alice Waters Teams Up With Children To Design Obesity-Fighting Menu At The Hyatt

Barack Obama: Alice Waters ‘Traumatized’ My Aide With Her Vegetable Menu

Alice Waters To Open New Wine And Coffee Bar In Old Cafe Fanny Space

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