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Amy Schumer

Bill Maher Rips ‘Idiots’ Slamming Amy Schumer’s New Film: ‘I Think We’ve Reached Peak Snowflake’

Comedian Amy Schumer Nixes Interview With Sinclair Station Following Controversy

Amy Schumer, Kim Kardashian, Paul McCartney and Other Celebrities Attend March For Our Lives

‘Get Your Balls Off My Nose’ Amy Schumer Stars in NSFW Musical About Fox News

Amy Schumer’s Dad Meeting ‘Love of His Life’ Goldie Hawn is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

‘Do Better’: Amy Schumer Shuts Down Journalists for Reporting Trolling ‘As If it’s News’

The Trailer For Amy Schumer’s Upcoming Netflix Special is Here

Amy Schumer on Cousin Chuck Schumer’s ‘Fake Tears: ‘He Cannot Act, Trust Me’

Watch the First Trailer for Snatched, Starring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn

Ellen DeGeneres Can’t Handle Amy Schumer’s Food Poisoning Story

Amy Schumer Has 2 Grammy Nominations and 0 Time for Internet Trolls

Amy Schumer is Coming to the Big Screen as Barbie

Amy Schumer: If You Don’t Vote, You May be Blamed if an ‘Orange, Sexually-Assaulting Godzilla’ Screws Everything Up

Amy Schumer Posts Clarification of Controversial ‘Formation’ Video: ‘It Was NEVER a Parody!’

Can You Spot Why People Think This Amy Schumer Parody of a Beyoncé Song Is Racist?

‘Dearest Tampa…’: Amy Schumer Responds to Audience Walk-Outs With Biting Letter

Trump Fans Walk Out on Amy Schumer After Comedian Takes Aim at GOP Nominee

Amy Schumer on Donald Trump: He’s the ‘Guy in the Bar You’d Walk Away From.’

Gabrielle Union Wants to ‘Explain’ White Privilege to Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer Was Once Told if she Weighed Over 140 Lbs. She Would ‘Hurt People’s Eyes’

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