Andy Levy

SE Cupp Mocks Lawrence O’Donnell: ‘Where’s My F*cking Falafel!?’

Lou Dobbs Bashes Zombie Nativity: ‘If You’re Going to Mock a Religion,’ Choose Islam

‘Are You Kidding Me?!’: Andy Levy Blows Up at Red Eye Host Over Ferguson

Who Will Replace Greg Gutfeld as Red Eye Host?

Watch the Very Red Eye Final Farewell to Greg Gutfeld

Fox’s Richard Grenell Claims He Was ‘Uninvited’ to Speak at CPAC

Fox’s Andy Levy Rips MSNBC for Promoting ‘Bullsh*t’ Bergdahl Narrative

Fox’s Red Eye Mocks #CancelColbert: ‘Twitter Is a Sinkhole Filled with Silly, Silly People’

Red Eye Mocks Hawaii Cops: Probing Prostitution Rings ‘With Their Penis’?

Red Eye Tears into Federal Program That Uses Amateur Videos to Tell You ‘Grapes Are Delicious’

Fox’s Red Eye Mocks Puppy Bowl Outrage: Viewers Only Watch for ‘Violence and Savagery’

‘Really?!’ Fox’s Gretchen Carlson Can’t Believe Her Guests All Love Pot So Much

‘Screw You, Mediaite’: Red Eye Hosts Protest Exclusion From Our 50 Sexiest TV News List

Red Eye Team Mercilessly Mocks the ‘Bro’-ification of Obamacare

Greg Gutfeld and Red Eye Team Find Only Piece of Good News in Shutdown

Fox’s Andy Levy and Red Eye Tear Apart Stephen Colbert for Misusing Their Quotes

When Did The Colbert Report and The Daily Show Stop Trying?

Kirsten Powers, Erick Erickson Brawl On Twitter: Should Glenn Greenwald Be Arrested For Reporting Leaks?

Red Eye Mocks Outrage Over Mountain Dew Ad: ‘How Can It Be Racist It If It’s Made By Black People?’

Greg Gutfeld To Red Eye Guests: Maybe If We Start Calling Boston Bombers ‘Muslim Supremacists…’

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