Glenn Beck Pays Off $27,000 Worth of Layaway for Customers at a Texas Walmart

Rep. John Lewis Released from Hospital With ‘Clean Bill of Health’

WATCH: Fans Waiting to Get Into National Championship Game Boo As Trump’s Limo Arrives

WATCH: Heart-Warming Video of Boys Cheered on First Day of School

Spicer Says He ‘Clearly Meant Orlando’ When Referencing ‘Atlanta’ Terrorist Attack

Sean Spicer Keeps Talking About a Nonexistent Terrorist Attack in Atlanta

CBS Anchor Who Defended Pizzagate Conspiracy Has Shut Down Website, Social Media Accounts

Meyers Takes on Trump’s Flip Flops: He Switches Positions ‘Like a Porn Star With a Bad Back’

County Commissioner in GA Calls John Lewis a ‘Racist Pig’ on Facebook

FX’s Atlanta Makes Cartoon Cereal Commercial With a Disturbing Twist

Atlanta News Producer Fired for Posts About Black Lives Matter: ‘Uncivilized Turds’

Thousands of Protesters Take to the Streets in Atlanta (UPDATED)

Audit Reveals the Prevalence of Parents Coaching Kids to Act Disabled for Gov’t Funding

Trump Turns Event Lighting Problem Into Bizarre Chant For His Supporters

‘Hell You Talmbout!’ #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Shout Down Hillary at Campaign Event

Atlanta Cops Go to Wrong House; Officer, Homeowner Shot, Dog Killed

Mall Security Guards Suspended over Video Showing Them Beating 15-Year-Old

Atlanta TV Anchor Apologizes for ‘Colored Woman’ Remark

Atlanta News Director Explains Why in God’s Name They Had 25-Box Chaos on Screen

Brzezinski Loses Patience with Atlanta Mayor: ‘Good Luck with the Next Storm’

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