AT&T CEO Doesn’t Commit To Keeping Jeff Zucker as CNN President Post-Merger

CNN President Jeff Zucker Could Reportedly Be ‘Neutralized’ as Part of AT&T-Time Warner Merger

AT&T Has Agreed to Acquire Time Warner in $85 Billion Media Deal (UPDATED)

Trump: I Would Stop AT&T-Time Warner Merger, ‘Deals Like This Destroy Democracy’

T-Mobile CEO: ‘F*ckers’ at Verizon and AT&T Are ‘Raping You for Every Penny’

Report: The DEA is Paying AT&T for Access to Decades of Phone Records

Shep Smith Goes Off On AT&T And Their Service, Compares Them To Crack Dealers

How The LGBT Media Toppled The Head of GLAAD

Jon Stewart Celebrates iPhone Arrival On Verizon, Trashes AT&T

Illuminati Anonymous: How 4chan Controls the Internet

NYT Won’t Foot Bill For Staffers’ Haiti Donations

Tiger Woods Closes 2009 By Losing Major Sponsor

Condé Nast Subpoenas Titans Of Digital Industry For Assistance

Blackberry’s Massive Breakdown Explained (It Was Not AT&T’s Fault!)

Four(chan) Reasons Why Twitter Could Be Under Attack

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