Ben Smith

Daily Caller Editor Fires Back at BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith For Leaked Email: ‘Misinformed Pile of Whiny Dogsh*t’

BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Slams Daily Caller for ‘Nativist Garbage’ and ‘Immunity to Shame’ in Leaked Email

Tucker Carlson Battles BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith Over Dossier: You Published ‘Because It Was Trump’

BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith Has No Regrets About Publishing Trump-Russia Dossier: ‘Unquestionably Real News’

‘It Makes Me Sick’: Buzzfeed Ben Slams CNN For Not Standing By KFile’s Andrew Kaczynski

De Blasio Doesn’t Care That His Media-Bashing Sounds Like Trump’s: He ‘Doesn’t Actually Mean It’

Tucker Carlson Grills Buzzfeed’s Editor-in-Chief on Decision To Publish Dossier

Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith Defends Publishing Unverified Trump Memo, Calls for ‘New Rules’ of Journalism

CNN’s Stelter Confronts BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith on Dossier: Are You Trying to Be Like WikiLeaks?

Some Other Ben Smith Gets Twitter Rage Intended for BuzzFeed Editor

‘You Just Published Fake News’: Chuck Todd Hammers Buzzfeed Editor-in-Chief Over Trump/Russia Dossier

Buzzfeed CEO Dismisses Trump Criticism, Defends Publishing ‘Newsworthy Document’

Buzzfeed Editor-in-Chief Reacts to CNN: We’re Not Going to ‘Divide Media Against Each Other’

Buzzfeed Editor-in-Chief Says Publishing Unverified Trump Dossier ‘Not an Easy or Simple Call’

CNN’s PR Team Acts Antagonistic Toward Buzzfeed After Securing Most Millennial Readers (UPDATED)

Buzzfeed Shreds Its Credibility With Childish Anti-Trump Stunt

Buzzfeed Cancels Ad Deal With RNC Over Trump Candidacy

NY Times Reportedly Has Audio of Donald Trump Softening His Immigration Stance

BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith Admits He ‘Inappropriately’ Deleted Posts

Hugh Hewitt Confronts BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith Over ‘Dead Cops Chant a Myth’ Story

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