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Politico Publishes Environmental Response to That Absurd BP Op-Ed

Politico Article Defending BP over Gulf Spill Was Written by BP

The 6 Biggest Culinary Scandals of 2013

BP Attacks Emeril Lagasse in NYT after Chef Sues for Oil Spill Damages

Chris Hastings Talks Alabama Seafood & The Top Chef/BP Controversy: ‘BP F*cked It Up’

Emeril Lagasse Defends BP: ‘Those Guys Stepped Up To The Plate And They Did What They Had To Do’

UPDATE: Treme Creator David Simon & Andy Cohen Trade Barbs Over BP’s Top Chef Money

Occupy Wall Street ‘Hipster Cop’ Is ‘Not Really Into’ Communism, Thinks Protesters Dress Badly

Former BP Cleanup Worker Documents Impact Of Oil Spill

Exclusive: The Lost Ed Henry Interview

Paging Joe Barton: Robert Gibbs Won’t Apologize to Tony Hayward

Lawrence O’Donnell Explores The Sudden Blackout Of The BP Oil Well Live Feed

Greta Van Susteren Sits Down With New BP CEO Bob Dudley After Transition Announced

Tony Hayward Tells The WSJ: “I Became A Villain For Doing The Right Thing”

Report: Sandra Bullock Withdraws Support of BP-Backed Oil Spill PSA

Robert Gibbs, Along With Everyone Else, Is Not Feeling ‘Overly Sorry’ For BP CEO Tony Hayward

Bill O’Reilly On Tony Hayward: “I’m Giving al-Qaeda Directions To His House”

Report: Tony Hayward Stepping Down As CEO Of BP In September

UK PM David Cameron Promises To Cooperate With US Investigation Into Lockerbie Bomber Release

BP Photoshops Picture Of Crisis Response Room To Look Busy

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