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Carl Bernstein: Trump’s Attacks on Mueller Are Leading America Towards ‘Authoritarianism’

Carl Bernstein: Trump’s Willing to ‘Risk a Constitutional Crisis’ to Avoid Accountability

Worse than Watergate: John Dean Claims ‘Trump is Nixon on Steroids and Stilts’

WATCH: Legendary Duo Woodward & Bernstein Analyze Stunning News Day in Rare Joint Appearance

Woodward & Bernstein: Trump’s Actions ‘Eerily Similar’ to Nixon’s Before Saturday Night Massacre

Carl Bernstein Compares Trump to Joe McCarthy: ‘Authoritarian Demagogue’

Carl Bernstein Bashes ‘Enablers’ Putting Trump Over Country: McCabe Departure is ‘Monday Night Slaughter’

Jesse Watters Holds Own ‘Fake News Awards’ Featuring NBC, Carl Bernstein, Mika

Carl Bernstein: GOP Senators’ Focus on Steele ‘A Glowing Red Herring in the Washington Swamp’

Carl Bernstein on How Trump White House is Handling Russia Probe: ‘Train Wreck’

Carl Bernstein Fires Back at Trump: The FBI Isn’t ‘Tainted,’ His Presidency Is

Carl Bernstein: Fox News Hosts Are ‘Abetting a Cover-Up’ With Anti-Mueller Rhetoric

Carl Bernstein: ‘We Can Put Away the Fake News Charge Once and For All After Today’

Carl Bernstein: Trump ‘Trying to Sabotage’ Mueller Investigation

Legendary Journalist Carl Bernstein Goes in On Trump: ‘The Wheels Are Coming Off’

Carl Bernstein: Trump’s Tweet Not Just Anti-CNN, But ‘Anti-Freedom of the Press,’ He Wants Lapdogs!

‘What Is the Crime?!’ Dershowitz Goes on Wild Rant, Says Mueller’s Powers Limited

Carl Bernstein: ‘Appropriate’ for Media to Address Trump’s Stability and Fitness for Office

Mediaite and United Talent Agency #WHCD Party Was Pretty Awesome, Here’s Some Evidence

Carl Bernstein: Trump ‘Impeding’ Russia Investigations By Not Handing Over Flynn Docs

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