Carl Bernstein

Carl Bernstein: Trump ‘Trying to Sabotage’ Mueller Investigation

Legendary Journalist Carl Bernstein Goes in On Trump: ‘The Wheels Are Coming Off’

Carl Bernstein: Trump’s Tweet Not Just Anti-CNN, But ‘Anti-Freedom of the Press,’ He Wants Lapdogs!

‘What Is the Crime?!’ Dershowitz Goes on Wild Rant, Says Mueller’s Powers Limited

Carl Bernstein: ‘Appropriate’ for Media to Address Trump’s Stability and Fitness for Office

Mediaite and United Talent Agency #WHCD Party Was Pretty Awesome, Here’s Some Evidence

Carl Bernstein: Trump ‘Impeding’ Russia Investigations By Not Handing Over Flynn Docs

Carl Bernstein: FBI Has ‘Serious Belief’ of ‘Active Coverup’ to Hide Trump Campaign-Russia Connection

Carl Bernstein: ‘Remarkable’ Hypocrisy from House Intel Members Decrying Leaks of Classified Info

Carl Bernstein: Trump’s ‘Presidential Lying’ Makes Him the ‘Most Dangerous Enemy of the People’

Carl Bernstein: Trump’s Within His Rights to Fire Sally Yates, But ‘His Presidency Is in Chaos’

Carl Bernstein Says Fox News Has a Responsibility to Call Out Trump Whenever He Lies

Carl Bernstein on CNN: Fox News Can Play a ‘Special Role’ in Calling Out Trump Lies

Carl Bernstein: On Lying, Richard Nixon Was Nothing Compared to Trump

Carl Bernstein Calls Out Trump’s ‘Unhinged’ Voter Fraud Claims, Says They’re More Paranoid Than Nixon

Carl Bernstein Refutes Trump: There’s ‘No Way’ Clinton’s Email Review is Bigger Than Watergate

Carl Bernstein: Trump is Setting Himself Up to Head ‘Neo-Fascist’ Movement

Carl Bernstein: Clinton Is a ‘Terrible Candidate,’ Would Lose in Other Circumstances

Carl Bernstein Blasts ‘Incredible Lapse in Judgment’ by Bill Clinton and AG Lynch

Carl Bernstein: Trump Is Birthing a New ‘American Fascism’

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