Carmen Yulín Cruz

WATCH: San Juan Municipal Tower Raided by FBI Weeks After Trump’s Corruption Allegations

San Juan Mayor Lights Up Trump For Defending Puerto Rico Response: ‘OUR LIVES MATTER’

Trump Attacks Puerto Ricans, ‘Totally Incompetent’ San Juan Mayor Ahead of Hurricane Florence

San Juan Mayor Blasts Trump for ‘Despicable’ Comments About ‘Success’ of Puerto Rico Hurricane Response

San Juan Mayor Rips Trump’s Puerto Rico Boast: He’s ‘Lying Through His Teeth’

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz: ‘Disaster-In-Chief’ Trump Was ‘Disrespectful’ to Puerto Rico

WATCH: Trump Gets Dinged By The Simpsons Over His Paper Towel Tosses in Puerto Rico

San Juan Mayor Scores Trump’s Puerto Rico Response 1/10: He ‘Lives in an Alternative Reality’

San Juan Mayor Cruz on ‘Big Mouth’ Trump: ‘He’s Taken All of His Anger Out on Puerto Rico’

Acosta: Trump Sending Message to San Juan Mayor With Latest Puerto Rico Tweets

San Juan Mayor Blasts ‘Hater in Chief’ Trump Over PR Tweets: ‘We WILL NOT BE LEFT TO DIE’

Dem Congressman Slams Trump Using Spanish Accent to Say Puerto Rico: ‘Not a Comedy Show!’

San Juan Mayor Claims Political High Road…While Wearing Her Trump-Mocking ‘Nasty’ T-Shirt

San Juan Mayor Rips Trump For His ‘Terrible and Abominable’ Tossing of Paper Towels at Victims

San Juan Mayor Says Trump Should Avoid Being ‘Miscommunicator-in-Chief’

President Trump on Puerto Rico: ‘At a Local Level They Have to Give Us More Help’

FEMA Chief Defends Puerto Rico Response, Swipes at San Juan Mayor and Others ‘Spouting Off’

SNL Opens With Trump Chiding San Juan Mayor: ‘You Should’ve Paid Your Bills’

White House Official Dings San Juan Mayor for Ignoring FEMA Invite: ‘Too Busy Doing TV?’

Lin-Manuel Miranda Shreds Trump For Criticizing San Juan Mayor: ‘You Have Been GOLFING’

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