Chris Cuomo

Bernie Sanders Flips Out at Chris Cuomo For Asking About 2020: ‘It Never Ends’

Kellyanne Conway Spars With Chris Cuomo Over Harvey: ‘I’m Not Defensive at All’

Texas Flood Victim Recounts Amazing Rescue Story: I Just Wanted to ‘Save My Baby’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Rep. Steve King Battle on Arpaio Pardon: What He Did ‘Screamed of Profiling’

Cuomo Grills Nikki Haley on Afghanistan Flip-Flop: Trump Would’ve Hated That Speech in 2016

Cuomo Battles Corey Stewart Over Claim ‘CNN Tried to Exploit’ Heather Heyer’s Death

Jeffrey Lord Was Unjustly Fired From a Network That Treated Him Like a Punching Bag

‘You’re Wrong About the Science!’ Chris Cuomo and Matt Schlapp Get Heated on Abortion

Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway Spar Over Russia Probe, CNN’s Coverage

Tucker Carlson Ridicules CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Jim Acosta: ‘Yep, That’s Journalism’

Chris Cuomo to Mick Mulvaney: It’s Trump and GOP Policies That Have ‘Destabilized’ Obamacare

Ed Butowsky Opens Bonkers Chris Cuomo Interview with ‘Rod Wheeler is Dead Broke’

Mediaite Live: McCain’s Caesarean Thumb, Scaramucci Uncensored and Cantone-Cuomo Love!

GOP Rep. Mo Brooks Calls For Mitch McConnell’s Ouster After Health Care Implosion

Mario Cantone Only Came on CNN’s New Day Because Chris Cuomo ‘Promised Him Sex!’

Ryan Lizza: Scaramucci Told Me He Knew The Conversation was ‘100% on the Record’

‘Scaramucci is Dumb as a Rock’: Twitter Weighs in On CNN’s Scaramania

Scaramucci Is Cool With ‘Leaks to Shape Policy’ Not ‘Backstabbing, Palace Intrigue’ Leaks

Palace Intrigue! WH Advisor Mocks Scaramucci DURING his CNN Interview: ‘Car Crash’

Scaramucci Goes After White House Leaks Again: ‘Fish Stinks From the Head Down’

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