Chris Rock

The Daily Show Will Be Just Fine Without Stewart; Here Are Your Three Best Replacements

Chris Rock’s Pitch for New Movie: ‘We Almost Don’t Kill Any Koreans’

Now Chris Rocks Thinks He Should Have Gotten Letterman’s Job

Chris Rock Reveals the One Joke He’s Managed to Write About Eric Garner

Chris Rock on Obama: We Wanted Michael Jordan, We Got Shaq

The Five Defends Chris Rock’s 9/11 Jokes: We’re Not the ‘Comedy Police’

Fox’s Peter Johnson: Chris Rock’s SNL Bit Was a ‘Disservice to Comedy’

Chris Rock Opens SNL Monologue with Awkward Riff on Boston Bombing, 9/11

Chris Rock Dares to Defend Donald Sterling at BET Awards

Roland Martin Challenges Clarence Page on Difference Between Black People and ‘N-Words’

WATCH: The Sheryl Underwood Clip That Has Twitter Seething

Late Night Host Trashes ‘Racist, Child-Killing Coward’ Zimmerman, With Help From Chris Rock

Local Michigan Democrat Caught On Tape Calling Town Official An ‘Arrogant N*gger’

Michelle Malkin Jabs At Celebrities: If You Think Obama Is Your Dad, Boyfriend, Or God, You Need ‘Therapy’

MSNBC Guest: Washington Should Take Gun Control Proposals In Chris Rock’s 1999 HBO Special Seriously

Gun Control Advocates Roll Out Hollywood Stars In Ongoing ‘National Conversation’ With Each Other

Jon Stewart Slams ‘Drudge-Con 1’-Sized Fox News Reaction To 2007 Obama Video

Michelle Malkin Presents ‘Celebrities Who Hate America,’ July 4th Edition

O’Reilly Panel Clashes Over Whether Celebrities Stirring Up Controversy Reflects Poorly On Obama

Chris Rock Takes Jab At ‘Romney’s Crew’: Mormons Believed Black People Were The Devil

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