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Trump Facebook Vid Promises to Put ‘Minors’ Back to Work –– And Social Media Has a Field Day

Trump Chief Economic Adviser Contradicts Campaign Promise: Coal ‘Doesn’t Even Make That Much Sense Anymore’

Trump Signs Executive Order Rolling Back Obama Climate Guidelines

Colbert Talks GOP Platform, Says Trump Will Ignore for ‘Whatever Tumbles Out the Old Talkie Hole’

Out-of-Work Coal Miner Confronts Clinton Over Promise to Put Miners Out of Business

Michele Bachmann: Hillary’s the Candidate Who’s More in Line with ‘Fascist Values’

Clinton Hands Republicans Ready-Made Campaign Ad With Promise to Kill Coal Jobs

Russian Nurse Lost 66 lbs., So Russia Gave Her 4.5 Metric Tons of Coal

Sen. Manchin’s Shocking Analogy: Obama Climate Speech Like Shooting Feet Then ‘Trying To Run The Marathon’

Maher’s Advice For Obama’s 2nd Term: ‘Become An Angry Black Man Who’s Pushing A Liberal Agenda’

Coal Plant CEO Insists His Issues With Obama Aren’t Political, Adds That Obama Is ‘Bad For America’

Joe Biden Staff Shuts Down Reporters Question To VP On Coal

Ed Schultz Devotes ‘Psycho Talk’ Segment To Fox & Friends Christmas ‘Dangers’ Coverage

Donald Trump Praises Obama For Playing Golf With Boehner: ‘It Is An Amazing Game’

Haven’t Had Enough Of Coal Miners? Spike TV Announces A New Reality Series

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