Confederate Flag

Morning Joe Gets Tense After Challenging Mississippi Senate Candidate Over Confederate Flag

Virginia Governor’s Race Turns Ugly With Ad Depicting Republicans As Racist Predators

White Fifth Grader Goes to School Dressed as Plantation Owner, Tells Black Student ‘You’re My Slave’

WATCH: Man Claims Confederate Flag Isn’t ‘Symbol of Slavery,’ Then Calls MLK a ‘Coon’

‘It’s Got to Go’: Shepard Smith Calls for Mississippi to Remove Confederate Emblem From State Flag

Trump Fan Explains Why He Thought Donald Trump Would Be Fine with Confederate Flag

Someone Brought a Confederate Flag to Trump Florida Rally

White House Blasts Republicans For Trying To Undo Confederate Flag Ban

NY Times Coverage of Trump Appearance at Pro-Military Rally Curiously Features Confederate Flag Photo

It’s Time to Finally Blame Republicans — Not the Media — For Donald Trump

Plane With Confederate Flag Reading ‘No Votes for Turncoats’ Paid to Fly Over GOP Debate

Stop the Bullsh*t: Nikki Haley Not the Trump-Smashing Confederate Flag Hero You’re Being Sold

Tarantino: The Confederate Flag is the ‘American Swastika’

Jeb: Confederate Flag Not Controversial for Confederacy, But What it ‘Began to Represent’

Larry Wilmore Revisits Confederate Flag Removal In SC: ‘This Is Some Bullsh*t!’

Mississippi Man Bombs Walmart Store for No Longer Selling the Confederate Flag

Confederate Flag Supporters Charged With Terrorist Threats After Crashing Birthday Party

Ben Carson: People Can Fly Confederate Flag on Private Property If They Want

23 High School Students Suspended for Wearing Confederate Flag Clothing

Football Captain Suspended Over Reported Confederate-Nazi Photo of Him

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