Confederate Flag

WATCH: Man Claims Confederate Flag Isn’t ‘Symbol of Slavery,’ Then Calls MLK a ‘Coon’

‘It’s Got to Go’: Shepard Smith Calls for Mississippi to Remove Confederate Emblem From State Flag

Trump Fan Explains Why He Thought Donald Trump Would Be Fine with Confederate Flag

Someone Brought a Confederate Flag to Trump Florida Rally

White House Blasts Republicans For Trying To Undo Confederate Flag Ban

NY Times Coverage of Trump Appearance at Pro-Military Rally Curiously Features Confederate Flag Photo

It’s Time to Finally Blame Republicans — Not the Media — For Donald Trump

Plane With Confederate Flag Reading ‘No Votes for Turncoats’ Paid to Fly Over GOP Debate

Stop the Bullsh*t: Nikki Haley Not the Trump-Smashing Confederate Flag Hero You’re Being Sold

Tarantino: The Confederate Flag is the ‘American Swastika’

Jeb: Confederate Flag Not Controversial for Confederacy, But What it ‘Began to Represent’

Larry Wilmore Revisits Confederate Flag Removal In SC: ‘This Is Some Bullsh*t!’

Mississippi Man Bombs Walmart Store for No Longer Selling the Confederate Flag

Confederate Flag Supporters Charged With Terrorist Threats After Crashing Birthday Party

Ben Carson: People Can Fly Confederate Flag on Private Property If They Want

23 High School Students Suspended for Wearing Confederate Flag Clothing

Football Captain Suspended Over Reported Confederate-Nazi Photo of Him

Ken Burns Equates Birther Movement with ‘Saying the N-Word’

Fox & Friends Outrages over School’s Flag Ban: Elites ‘Despise’ Patriotism

LOL: Klan Supporter Wears FUBU Sneakers to Pro-Confederate Flag Rally

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