New Video From Iranian Media Appears to Show Detained U.S. Sailor in Tears

Hillary’s Announcement Literally Brings a Little Boy to Tears of Sorrow

NCAA Viewers Slam CBS for Zoom-In on Crying Child

Obama Tears Up Talking To Supporters After Election Victory

Fox News’ Judith Miller Claims Herman Cain’s Crying In Iowa Was Fake: ‘Don’t Believe A Tear’

Surprise! John Boehner Cries During Commencement Address At Catholic University

Fox’s Chris Wallace To Speaker Boehner: Why Do You Cry And Smoke?

Brian Williams Nabs First Interview With John Boehner As House Speaker

O’Reilly Thinks Boehner’s Tears Are ‘Sincere,’ But He Won’t ‘Govern That Way’

Rachel Maddow Defends John Boehner’s Tears Before Giving Him A Reason To Cry

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