Dave Arnold

Want to Cook Like a Celebrity Chef? Introducing the ‘Searzall’ on Kickstarter

WATCH: Dave Arnold Puts All The Foods In Giant Air Cannon, Makes Things Go Boom

Museum Of Food And Drink Reaches Kickstarter Goal, Can Now Buy Air Cannon Accessories

What’s A ‘Puff Party’? Who Cares, Wylie Dufresne, Anita Lo & Andy Ricker Will Be There!

WATCH: Wylie Dufresne, David Chang, Mario Batali & More Need YOU To Fund The Museum Of Food & Drink Kickstarter

Chef Problems: Trying To Find Liquid Nitrogen During A Hurricane

WATCH: Dave Arnold Predicts That One Day Great Chefs Will Use Microwaves

Dave Arnold Kicks Off Harvard’s Public ‘Science And Cooking’ Lecture Series

Time Machine Chefs: A Cockatrice Of Entertainment For Nerds

WATCH: New ‘Time Machine Chefs’ Preview Shows Chris Cosentino Making Out With A Raw Duck

Chris Cosentino, Art Smith, Ilan Hall, and Jill Davie Are Time Machine Chefs!

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