Heather Childers

Fox’s Chris Wallace Totally Busted Sarah Sanders Sunday. Here’s How Fox News Covered it Monday

Fox News Host to Guest: My Audience Is ‘Going to Be Furious’ at Your Defense of Sanctuary Cities

Fox News Contributor Claims Hillary Clinton ‘Gave’ Russians Money During 2016 Campaign

FBN’s Charles Payne Defends Trump’s Amazon Attacks: Washington Post Is a ‘Mean-Spirited Publication’

Fox News Anchor Reads Threatening Tweets On-Air: ‘Twitter Can Be Such a Dark and Ugly Place’

Ainsley Earhardt Truly Earned F&F Hosting Gig After Years of Sleepless Sacrifice; Here’s Why

Fox Host Hits Obama for Saying ‘YOLO’ After ISIS Killed Kayla Mueller

‘Do Something!’ Fox News Anchor Blows Up at Obama, ISIS on Twitter

‘I’m Off the Clock’: Daughtry Ditches Fox & Friends Attempt to Sing ‘My Country Tis of Thee’

Fox News Anchor Calls UConn the ‘NAACP National Champs’

Oops! Fox Anchors Accidentally Call It ‘Veterans Day’ Despite Repeatedly Reporting On Memorial Day

‘Panther’ Stadium: Is Wolf Blitzer In Cahoots With Fox News To Cover For Democrats?

Americans Rank Obama Among Both Best And Worst Presidents In Modern History

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