WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally in Davenport, Iowa

Trevor Noah Blasts Iowa Kids with Guns Law: ‘Do You Know What Children Are?’

Harry Reid: Iowa, NH Have ‘No Diversity,’ Future of Nation Shouldn’t Be Dependent on Them

An Exasperated Christie on Fox: ‘I Know You Guys Would Like to Have a Do-Over for Trump’

As Debate Concession Shows, Wounded Trump Has Lost Leverage in Battle Against Fox News

Glorious Gaffe: Trump Almost Put Donation Money on Communion Plate in Church

Mike Huckabee Suspends His 2016 Campaign for President

Fox News Uncovers Conclusive Evidence Hillary Clinton a Time Traveler

Hillary Clinton: When I’m President, I Won’t Let Staffers Do What I Did

Des Moines Register Front Page Blares ‘Rough Night For Cruz’

Drake University: Trump Campaign ‘Significantly Over-Ticketed’ Tonight’s Event

Bernie Sanders Cold Busts 17 Year-Old Iowa Climate Change Denier: ‘You’re Wrong’

As He Polls 3% in Iowa, Huckabee Releases Adele Parody

WATCH: Donald Trump Rally in Iowa

Panic Fire: Ted Cruz Tells Pastors Trump Could Be ‘Unstoppable’ if He Wins Iowa

Radio Host Asks Ted Cruz’s Wife: Are You ‘Sleeping With An Immigrant?’

WATCH: If You’re Confused About Caucusing, Let Bernie Sanders Help

Hillary Clinton Suffers Uncontrollable Coughing Fit During Campaign Speech

Carly Fiorina Accused of ‘Ambushing’ Pre-Schoolers for Anti-Abortion Photo Op

WATCH LIVE: Trump and Palin Hold Town Hall Event in Iowa

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