Jamie Weinstein

Ex-Clinton Adviser Philippe Reines: ‘I Have a Hard Time Seeing How’ Dems Could Beat Trump in 2020

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Explains Why He Doesn’t Call Seb Gorka ‘Dr.’

Tucker Carlson Pressed on Whether Rupert Murdoch Belongs on His ‘Ship of Fools’

Don Lemon Admits Some Pro-Trump Guests Don’t Believe What They Are Peddling On the Air

Roger Stone: InfoWars Is ‘Far More Credible’ Than CNN

Trump Supporter Bill Mitchell: Obama Has Done More Damage to Blacks Than the KKK

Jeffrey Lord: Trump Was Just Kidding When He Defended Putin Killing Journalists

Tomi Lahren Explains That She’s Not a ‘Big Reader,’ Believes Clintons Have Murdered People

‘Glad He’s With Clinton’: Breitbart’s Howley Spars With Michelle Fields’ Fiancé on Twitter

CNN Pundits Explode Over ‘Sleazy and Disgusting’ Trump Rally Behavior

Trump Campaign Manager Doubles Down, Accuses Reporter of Fabricating Sexual Harassment

Breitbart Allegedly Chastised Reporter After She Was Manhandled by Trump Staffer

Trump Campaign Manager Allegedly Tries to Throw Female Reporter to the Ground

CNN Panelist: It Might Be Easier for Trump to Run as a Democrat Than in the GOP

Trump Takes on Ben Carson: Doctors Don’t Create Jobs

Bill Maher and Conservative Guest Surprisingly Agree on Who’s to Blame for Gaza Civilian Deaths

Krauthammer’s Surprising Admission About His Spirituality, or Lack Thereof

Fox Guest Lambastes Obama For Trivializing Snowden: ‘Act Like The President And Get Tough’

Maher To Panel: GOP Didn’t Suddenly Go ‘Off The Rails,’ Always Been Weird Mix Of ‘Jesus Freaks’ And ‘Plutocrats’

Bill Maher Takes On GOP Opposition To Hagel Over Israel: ‘The Israelis Are Controlling Our Government’

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