Trump Campaign Manager Doubles Down, Accuses Reporter of Fabricating Sexual Harassment


Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski grabbed a shovel and began digging Thursday afternoon, accusing the Breitbart reporter who accused him of assault of lying about being sexual harassed by former Republican Congressman Allen West.

Lewandowski’s use of GotNews’ story to claim Breitbart’s Michelle Fields is “an attention seeker” is unusual for several reasons.

  1. It’s GotNews. As in, the outlet run by Charles C. Johnson.
  2. Johnson claims that West sexually harassed two women at PJ Media and at least two others, making it odd to claim that Fields’ case alone was attention-seeking.
  3. According to Johnson, “Fields repeatedly and emphatically refused comment on the record.” You know, like most attention-seekers.
  4. It’s GotNews, written by Charles C. Johnson
  5. Allen West was fired by PJ Media for screaming at a female employee and calling her a “Jewish American princess.” While not a confirmation of sexual abuse, it’s a matter of record that he was abusive.
  6. The story was published by Charles “The C. Stands For Crazy” Johnson on GotNews, a website considered slightly more reputable than Stormfront.

Lewandowski also accused Fields of “seeking attention” when she claimed to have been pushed to the ground by the NYPD in 2011.

…which led her boyfriend to tweet the following.

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