‘Glad He’s With Clinton’: Breitbart’s Howley Spars With Michelle Fields’ Fiancé on Twitter


Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 11.05.16 PMOne of Michelle Fields‘ old colleagues decided to take potshots at her new job with The Huffington Post Sunday night, and her fiancé isn’t having any of it.

Despite spending some time out of the game due to her prominent scuffle with Donald Trump‘s campaign, Fields declared that she would re-enter the journalism world and report for Arianna Huffington‘s left-leaning site. This is as a major political pivot for her, since she is a conservative media figure who used to work for Breitbart before her highly-publicized departure from the organization.

Fields’ resignation caused a major shakeup at Breitbart. Some of their staff left with Fields in disgust of the site’s pro-Trump news approach, while most of the site refused to stand by her claims. Patrick Howley was one of Breitbart’s writers who actually smeared Fields at the start of the controversy, and he decided to taunt her again tonight.

Not satisfied with that, Howley decided to throw Jamie Weinstein in the mix.

Weinstein is a senior editor for The Daily Caller, and he went after Trump’s campaign with great force when they first began their smear campaign against his then-girlfriend. As such, Weinstein wasn’t going to let Howley’s slight go unanswered:

Howley didn’t like that. Not one bit:

Weinstein seemed to shrug things off, but Howley wasn’t done with him yet:

In the end, Weinstein decided to end his side of the fight by questioning Howley’s mental stability:

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