Jared Fogle

Jared Fogle Takes A New Lawsuit Like It’s Just Another Punch to the Face

Former Subway Spox Jared Fogle Got Jumped While In Prison for Child Porn and Sex Crimes

Jared Fogle Receives 15 1/2 Year Sentence For Child Porn, Sex Crime Charges

Dr. Phil Will Air Recordings of Jared Fogle Allegedly Talking About Child Sex

Jared Fogle to Pay $1M In Restitution to Victims of Child Porn Scandal

Internal Subway Review Reveals Chain Received ‘Serious’ Complaint About Jared Fogle in 2011

Here’s a Video of Jared Fogle Mocking People Caught on ‘To Catch a Predator’

Jared Fogle’s Former Foundation Director to Plead Guilty in Connection With Child Porn Scandal

Former Subway Employee Alleges Chain Knew About Jared’s Behavior For Years

Jared Fogle’s Foundation Was Reportedly a Sham

Jared Fogle FBI Informant: He Said ‘Middle School Girls Were So Hot’

Subway Scraps Jared’s Pants Dance Online Game

Jared Fogle Texted Subway Associate About Having Sex with a 16-Year-Old Girl

Ex-Reporter Claims Jared Fogle Has the Hots for Middle School Girls

Not Even Sharknado 3 Wants Anything to Do with Jared Fogle

Why Did the Feds Raid the Home of Jared from Subway?

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