Jimmy Carter

Whoops! Fox News Publishes Story That Says Jimmy Carter Is Dead (He’s Alive)

Trump Thanks Jimmy Carter for His Comments About ‘How Badly I Am Treated by the Press’

Jesse Watters: The Media Assumes Trump is ‘Either Evil, Dumb, or Lying’

‘As The Founders Intended’: Twitter Loves Photo of Former Presidents With Lady Gaga

Jimmy Carter: No Evidence Russians ‘Changed Any Votes’ in 2016 Election

Jimmy Carter: The Media’s ‘Been Harder on Trump Than Any Other President’

Trump Tweets That He’s ‘Proud to Stand With’ Former Presidents in Harvey Relief Fundraiser

Shocker: MSNBC Panel Turns Segment Praising Past Presidents Into a Dig at Trump

Trump’s First 100 Days Have Been So Bad, Even the Jimmy Carter Library is Throwing Shade

Donald Trump Endorsed by Evangelical Leader Jerry Falwell Jr.

Beck Worries Carson May Be GOP’s Jimmy Carter: ‘Doesn’t Have Facts Down Strongly Enough’

Some Orthodox Jews, Christians Claim Jimmy Carter’s Cancer Is Divine Punishment

LIVE VIDEO: Jimmy Carter Discusses His Cancer Diagnosis

Jimmy Carter: ‘I Have Cancer’

Jimmy Carter: There’s Still ‘Innate Racism’ In America

Jimmy Carter: ‘Very Few’ People Still View Confederate Flag as Racist Symbol

No, Jimmy Carter, Jesus Probably Wouldn’t Be a Fan of Gay Marriage

Jimmy Carter: ‘I Believe That Jesus Would Approve of Gay Marriage’

Jimmy Carter: Many Americans Still Have ‘Feelings of Superiority to People of Color’

TMZ Gets Jimmy Carter’s Thoughts on the Great Beyoncé War of 2015

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