Joe Kernan

CNBC Hosts Repeatedly Push Clinton Foundation Donor on Controversial Uranium Deal

CNBC Segment Gets Awkward as Irish Guest Has to Explain Which Currency They Use

CNBC Host Corners Rick Perry for Comparing Homosexuality to Alcoholism

CNBC Host Trashes Al Gore as ‘Charlatan and Villain’

Really?: CNBC Squawk Box Host Does Racist Indian Caricature on Air

Donald Trump Blasts ‘Dummy’ Chief Justice John Roberts On CNBC: ‘The Media Got To Him!’

Donald Trump Scolds Andrew Ross Sorkin For Bringing Up Birther Issue On CNBC

Trump: George Will Is Mad At Me Because He ‘Bombed Badly’ At A Speech In Mar-A-Lago

Rick Santelli Reacts To ‘Freaked Out White Men’ Tea Party Barb By Taking On Guest

CNBC Breaks Out The Six-Box To Debut New Morning Team

Ron Paul Tells CNBC’s Joe Kernan: ‘I Finally Feel Like A Republican’

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