John Boehner

John Boehner is So Happy Being Out of D.C., He’s Literally Singing ‘Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah’ While Driving an RV

Reince Priebus on Boehner Calling GOP the ‘Trump Party’: The President ‘Owns This Piece of Real Estate’

Bill Maher: Democrats Should Run on Weed the Same Way Republicans Run on Guns

John Boehner Joins Marijuana Firm: ‘My Thinking on Cannabis Has Evolved’

Jason Chaffetz ‘Disappointed’ in Boehner for Calling Him an ‘A*shole’

Sean Hannity Hits Back at John Boehner: ‘Were You Sober When You Said This?’

Boehner Unloads on GOP Lawmakers: ‘F*ck Jordan. F*ck Chaffetz. They’re Both A*sholes’

John Boehner Blasts ‘Right-Wing Idiot’ Sean Hannity

John Boehner Used To ‘Sneak Into’ White House To Visit Obama

Boehner Clarifies Trump ‘Complete Disaster’ Remarks: The ‘Execution’ of His Agenda Is the Disaster

White House Social Media Director Scavino Slams Boehner Over Trump Dis: He’s the ‘Disaster’

‘Complete Disaster’: John Boehner Grades Trump’s Presidency

‘Not Going to Happen’: John Boehner Calls GOP Promises to Repeal and Replace Obamacare Just ‘Happy Talk’

John Boehner on 2016: ‘Thank God I’m Not in the Middle of This’

John Boehner’s ‘Optimistic’ About Trump Despite Him Being ‘Barely a Republican’

Boehner Says ‘Lucifer is Back’ After Cruz Refuses to Endorse Trump

Some Satanists Are Offended That Boehner Compared Lucifer to Ted Cruz

After ‘Lucifer’ Remarks, Hannity Calls John Boehner ‘Weak, Timid, Feckless, Visionless’

White House on Ted Cruz ‘Lucifer’ Remark: Boehner ‘Was Just Looking to be Honest’

Ted Cruz Slams Boehner Right Back: ‘He Allowed His Inner Trump to Come Out’

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