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Las Vegas

WATCH: Body Camera Footage From Police Officers Responding to Las Vegas Shooting

Mediaite‘s Colby Hall and Tucker Carlson Go At It Over Guns: ‘I’m Sorry You’re Mad’

Jason Aldean Cancels Upcoming Concerts Out of Respect For Vegas Shooting Victims

Boxing Great George Foreman Challenges Steven Seagal to a One-On-One Open Rules Fight

After the Las Vegas Massacre, Obama and Clinton Show Us Why He Was President and She’ll Never Be 

Megyn Kelly Feels ‘Helpless’ After Vegas Massacre: ‘The Truth is We Never Change Anything’

Nothing More Infuriating Than Foreign-Born TV Stars Lecturing Americans On Gun Ownership

James Corden: Some Say It’s ‘Too Early’ To Talk Gun Control, But It’s ‘Far Too Late’ for Vegas Victims

Seth Meyers to Congress: It’d Be ‘More Honest’ For You to Admit You ‘Won’t Take Any Action’

WATCH: Vegas Concert Crowd Sings ‘God Bless America’ an Hour Before Shooting

Las Vegas Mayor Calls Shooter a ‘Scumbag’: ‘How Dare Any Human Being Do That’

Guitarist Changes Mind on Gun Control After Surviving Vegas Shooting: ‘Enough is Enough’

Vegas Shooter’s Father Was ‘Very Dangerous’ Criminal on FBI’s Most Wanted List

‘Stand Up to the NRA’: Hillary Clinton Calls for Gun Control in Response to Las Vegas Shooting

Brit Hume: Trump Must Be ‘Very Careful’ After Vegas Shooting; He Sometimes Says Things ‘Off Base’

WATCH: Trump Addresses Nation After Deadliest Shooting in US History LIVE STREAM

Jason Aldean Gives Statement on ‘Beyond Horrific’ Las Vegas Shooting

59 Dead, 515 Wounded in Las Vegas Mass Shooting (UPDATES)

WATCH: Boxer Adrien Broner Shoves a Woman and Cold-Cocks a Man in Violent Vegas Altercation

Las Vegas Casinos Are Really, Really, Really Rooting For Floyd Mayweather to Beat Conor McGregor

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