Texas Dem Mocks Pro-Life Laws By Proposing Sexist Law Against Masturbation

Sean Penn: We Either Go With Clinton or ‘Masturbate Our Way Into Hell’

Student Faces Jail Time, Fine for Filming Masturbation Scene in College Library

Virgin Flight Diverted Thanks to Unruly, Masturbating Passenger

Coach Sends Video of Himself Masturbating to Female Students, Claims Accident

Virgin Flight Diverted After Passenger Found Furiously Masturbating

50 Cent Has a Simple Explanation for That Horrible First Pitch

NSFW: Philly Man Crashes Car, Takes Clothes Off, Pleasures Himself

Guess What Sex Act the GOP Candidate to Replace Bob Filner is Accused Of…

NJ Transit Passenger Captures Video Of Bus Driver Masturbating While Driving Bus

Fred Willard Tweets About Arrest For Masturbating In Adult Theater

Fred Willard Fired By PBS Following Arrest For Masturbating In Adult Theater

Lawrence O’Donnell Slams Vatican For Its Official Position On…Masturbation

Dan Savage Wants A “Masturbate To Christine O’Donnell Day”

Maddow Unearths Christine O’Donnell’s ‘Anti-Masturbation’ Interview From The 90’s

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